Questions You Need To Ask Before You Book A Caterer

When it comes to planning an event, it can be both an exciting as well as a stressful time to begin with. For instance, brides to be will state that wedding planning is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time since there is so much planning to do and it all has to be utterly perfect since the big day is a complete reflection of the love shared with you and your partner. The food you decide to share on the day of your wedding plays a huge role. Here are some must ask questions that you need to cross check with caterers before making the big selection that will help you decide on the budget, style and favorable palette of your choice.

Who you meet to discuss plays a key role

When selecting the wedding catering, who meet up with to discuss the requirement plays a huge role for successful completion.

Find out if you are meeting with the owner of the wedding catering Canberra company or the manager or someone from the sales division? Physically meeting the person whom you need to discuss the required details will help you build a relationship which will make things easy when making and changing plans.

Finding out if they provide additional services

Unlike small time catering companies, established caterers make arrangements to provide additional services such as dessert preparation or provide liquor with appropriate liquor licenses in hand. Some caterers even have separate venues that consumers can utilize to have their rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and also bachelor parties and so on. Ask around and get to know the additional services that they have in offer that you can make use of. Package deals are often the best when it comes to attending all our needs at an affordable rate. It is much cost effective than purchasing the meals, dessert, beverages and alcohol from various other companies. Visit

Request for a detailed cost estimate

Caterers charge on a per head basis. Which means each and every guest you plan on inviting has a price in terms of catering. It is important to know what are inclusive of this price build up. Be prepared by acting out against unnecessary costs that may be charged by the catering companies. Find out if labor charges, setting up charges, bartenders wages, chefs wages and waiters wages are included in these per head costs. If it is no inclusive of, then request the manager in charge to send out a detailed cost breakdown with all additional charges to avoid any unexpected surprises when it is payment time.